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Matilda Strikes is the 84th episode of the Blue Dragon (anime).


At a Rosekstan base, General Logi oversees the upgrades to the Sleipnir exo-suits, while Matilda monitors the giant wall. Rosekstan's forces still try to breach the wall as Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi arrive at the nearest village. Matilda resolves to use a powerful laser that would guarantee the walls' destruction at the price of the nearest village. As Saber Tiger is riding the others toward the giant wall, they are ambushed by Matilda and the Sleipnir squad. Not wanting Matilda's plan to happen, Shu unleashes Blue Dragon as Matilda unleashes Zephyrus. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Saber Tiger to fight the exo-suit warriors. After Blue Dragon takes a hit from Zephyrus, Noi transforms into his dragon form and merges with Blue Dragon. When the Noi/Blue Dragon manages to catch Zephyrus, Matilda orders her men on Sleipnir to fire the laser. Shu and Blue Dragon blocks the laser which was enough to overload the cannon on Hraesvelg. Matilda then orders her forces to retreat.

Later that day, General Logi gets word about Shu's interference. Shu and Co. are thanked by the villagers for their efforts to stop Rosekstan from sacrificing their village.