Mecha Robo
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Game(s) Blue Dragon
Japanese メカロボ
Translation Meka Robo
Number 068
Class Mecha
Level 2
HP Unknown
Territory Drill Machine
Flying Fortress
Ancient Factory
Items Dropped Unknown
Movement Unknown
ATK Unknown
DEF Unknown
Magic Attack Unknown
Magic Defense Unknown

Mecha Robos are the names of round robots from the Blue Dragon video game and anime.


Encyclopedia entryEdit

Developed for combat use, these robots were mass-produced, which made them inexpensive but weak.


Mecha Robos are robots that were created by the Ancients. They form the majority of Nene's Gran Kingdom forces and are the most prominent enemy class in the game. In fact, "Mecha Robo" is one of the four divisions of enemies in the bestiary. Normal Mecha Robos have spherical bodies with colors that vary depending on variety, but all mechanical enemies are classified as "Mecha Robo" in the bestiary. They have the skill, Small Fry Cracker.


In the anime, Mecha Robos serve as alternative foot soldiers alongside the Black Shadows for the Gran Kingdom. They are also owned by other affiliations either stolen by bandits (such as Schmidt) or have their parts salvaged for other uses.