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Mistwalker Corporation (ミストウォーカー Misutowōkā ) is a Japanese video game development studio founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi (the creator of the popular Final Fantasy series) in 2004, with the financial backing of Microsoft. The logo and name were trademarked in 2001. Based in Tokyo, Mistwalker is a co-developer similar to Red Entertainment and Armor Project, outsourcing development duties to other companies (including Artoon and feelplus), preferring to focus primarily on the story and music portions of game development, as well as generally overseeing the process. Nobuo Uematsu, known for his work in the Final Fantasy series, has written music for various games developed by Mistwalker.

List of Games Developed[]

Nintendo DS[]

  • ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat (2007) co-developed with Racjin
  • Blue Dragon Plus (2008) co-developed with Brownie Brown and feelplus
  • Away: Shuffle Dungeon (2008) co-developed with Artoon
  • Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (2009/2010) co-developed with tri-Crescendo and Bird Studio

Xbox 360[]

  • Blue Dragon (2006) co-developed with Artoon
  • Lost Odyssey (2007) co-developed with feelplus
  • Cry On (canceled) (was in co-development with Cavia)


  • Party Wave (2012) [1]
  • Blade Guardian (2012) [2]


  • Party Wave (2012)


  • The Last Story (2011) co-developed by AQ Interactive


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