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Monster Poo is one of the shadows that appear in Blue Dragon Plus. The main user of this shadow is Poo Snake.


This shadow takes the form of a large poo snake with a fanged mouth on its stomach, clawed hands, two gold rings on its neck and a dragon's head with red eyes and razor sharp teeth.


Monster Poo grants the user the ability to use Spread Magic. Which involves using neutral spells and passive effects for boosting stats.

  • Air Blade
  • Physical Up
  • Magical Up
  • EXP Up
  • SP Up
  • Calamity Wall
  • Methane Bomb
  • Monster Poo


  • Monster Poo is the only shadow in Blue Dragon Plus that's based off a creature from the games universe.
    • However after Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, Monster Poo is joined by the Mecha Robo shadow.
  • Monster Poo is the only video game shadow to have a differently shaped tail as theirs spirals.