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This is a list of notable monsters that are fought in the Blue Dragon video game. On some occasions, getting specific monsters to attack you will involve attacking another group of monsters (E.g. Balloon Toad only appears within battles caused by attacking a Kelolon Defender). Also it's possible to get monsters who hate each other to fight each other (known as a Monster Fight- E.G Poo Snake and Ancient Katydid).


Each one is classified as Monster, Undead, Magic Monster, or Mecha Robo.



  • Blue Skeleton
    • Green Skeleton
    • Purple Skeleton
    • Red Skeleton
    • Skeleton Captain
    • Skeleton General
  • Gaudy Ghost
    • Lazy Spine Ghost
  • Ghost Crab
    • Ghost Crab Mimic
    • Goblin Crab
  • Ghost Yeet
  • Glowering Imp Trap
    • Gnashing Imp Trap
  • Grinning Ghost
    • Chain Gang Ghost
    • Melancholy Ghost
    • Poleaxe Ghost
  • Hunter Ghost
    • Assassin Ghost
    • Fire Archer
    • Shooter Ghost
  • Scavenger Wolf Ghost
  • Icefire Wolf Ghost
  • Flame Wolf Ghost
  • Ice Wolf Ghost
  • Rockwind Wolf Ghost
  • Rock Wolf Ghost
  • Gale Wolf Ghost
  • Jumbo Ghost
    • Cursed Spine Ghost
    • Red Razor Ghost
    • Stupefying Ghost
  • King Ghost
  • Midnight Ghost
    • Emerald Ghost
  • Steel Monkey
  • Thief Ghost
    • Bandit Ghost
    • Ninja Ghost
    • Robber Ghost
  • Zombie Monkey

Magical Creature[]

  • Blazing Jelly
    • Jelly Jolt
    • Lazy Gummyfish
    • Magical Jellyfish
  • Dullahan
  • Gotsu-Gotsu
    • Kochi-Kochi
    • Bowa-Bowa
    • Soyo-Soyo
  • Ice Giant
    • Crystal Giant
    • Gold Giant
    • Stone Giant
  • Mad Eye
    • Cardinal Eye
    • Fanatic Eye
    • Imposter Eye
  • Misfortune Mural
  • Mist Walker
  • Rockwind Wolf Ghost
  • Sanguine Slasher
    • Horned-Viper Trident
  • Scavenger Wolf Ghost
    • Fire Wolf Ghost
    • Gale Wolf
    • Snow Wolf Ghost
    • Stone Wolf
  • Sneezing Cyclops
  • Souleater
    • Bloodsucker
    • Braineater
    • Skillsucker
  • Spellcaster
    • Soaring Globe
  • Wandering Knowledge
    • Wandering Sage
  • Wandering Prophet
    • Wandering Reflection


  • Azure Abyssal Dragon
  • Azure Sentinel
    • Steel Giant
  • Balloon Bomber
    • Clawed Bomber
  • Blazing Kirin
  • Centipede
  • Coordinator
    • Squinting Cyborg
  • Defense Mecha Robo
    • White Gear Defender
      • Red Defender
      • Red-Mask Robot
      • Spin-Laser Defender
  • Double Axe
  • Hover Alarm
    • Hover Claxon
    • Hover Patroller
  • Intercept Dynadrone
    • Intercept Electrogue
  • Jumbo Mecha Robo
  • Land Shark
  • Machine Gun Crab
    • Bomber Mecha-Crab
  • Machine Gunner
    • Flame Gunner
  • Mecha Robo
    • Battle Mecha Robo
    • Flying Mecha Robo
    • Gold Mecha Robo
    • Heavy Mecha Robo
    • Versatile Mecha Robo
    • War Mecha Robo
  • Mechataclysm
  • Mechosaur
  • Medic Maintenencer
    • Winking Medic
  • Patchwork Puppet
    • Riot Puppet
  • Roball
    • Thief Roball
  • Scything Skull-Spider
    • Gold Scything Skull-Spider
  • Security Mecha Robo
    • Grim Security Mecha Robo
  • Sentinel Mecha Robo
    • Security Electrogue
  • Sentinel Mecha Robo Body
    • Electroque Part B
  • Sentinel Mecha Robo Head
    • Electrogue Part A
  • Servant Mecha Robo A
    • Enforcer Robot
  • Servant Mecha Robo B
    • Assassin Robot
    • Standard Defender
  • Shooter Scorpion
    • Tailgunner Robo-Scorpion
  • Spike-Armed Sentry
    • Scowling Dynamo
  • Winking Patroller

Shuffle Dungeon Monsters[]

A $1 DLC for Blue Dragon is the Shuffle Dungeon, where there are different enemy placements, chests, and much more every time you enter. These Monsters are NOT added to the Monster Record, unfortunately, but we'll (Really me, Spawnuk, hehe ^^;) do our best to get all the details on all of them.

Extra Note 1: All 6 Dragons appear here as well, but you can't get the fangs off of them supposedly.

Extra Note 2: If you get a wrong password on any of the doors three things can happen... nothing, being sent back to the very front, or facing against some Robber Clams that steal your items while you are forced to be asleep. Be sure to have someone in your party with an accessory that prevents sleep if you want your precious items!

Blue Chiroptrident: Creature Compendium- "Can control a Black Wind with the power of hatred if it has equipped Wandering Malice." Moves: Surprise Attack (Damage and nullify the defense of 1 target) and Black Wind (Damage all targets with Wind and make dizzy.). Has around 4500 HP. Normal Steal: Ancient Fossil. Rare Steal: Grand Shadow Crystal. Special Note: This enemy can equip the "Wandering Malice" enemy, and in doing so, it destroys the Wandering Malice, but becomes much more powerful.             

Gourmet Bear: Creature Compendium- "Being a gourmet snob, it loses interest in everything after eating the same element over and over again." Has around 4750 HP. Immune to Control. Red and yellow variant of the Lazy Bear with a bib, fork, and knife. Full Course of Status Ailments (Gives party multiple status ailments.), Forceful Fork Attack (5-hit attack), Tired of Eating (Auto Instant heal when attacked with the same element type twice in a row.)

Lethal Stinger: Creature Compendium- "Established reputation for its lethal attacks. Possesses poison that causes instant-KO or takes away lots of HP." Has around 3000 HP. Moves: Flying Poison Needle (Damage 1 target with deadly poison.) and Lethal Sting of Might (Instantly KO's 1 target.) A yellow and red variant of the Paralyzing Scorpion.

Shuffle Mage: Creature Compendium- "Usually flees after enchanting its allies but sticks around when with dragons." Has around 2750 HP. Moves: Tera Magic (All-Hit Magic attack with all spells), Mega Power which increases stats of allies by 2 stages, Time Reset (Reset's an ally's turn), and Giga Power which increases stats of allies by 3 stages. Normal Steal: Flawless Sapphire. Rare Steal: Luminous Powder.

Francoise: Creature Compendium- "Though a monster, this fishfolk travels around working as a mercenary. Beware of powerful counterattacks." Immune to Control. Will always counterattack with a multi-hit attack(Counter a la Mode) when hit. Holds a Flawless Ruby or Flawless Amethyst. Has around 5000 HP. Moves: Disappearing Francoise (Disappears then reappears to do major damage with Reappearing Francoise after a while). A variant of the Cutlass Fish that wears a red and black waistcoat.

Nazoe: (Boss of the Room of the Wise) Creature Compendium-: "Immigrant from a strange land.  Weakness is one of the following: fire, water, wind, or earth." Normal Steal: Cure-All. Rare Steal: Be-Late Plant. A yellow variant of the Sneezing Cyclops and Mechataclysm bosses. At the start of the fight he uses Element Shuffle which makes his weakness a specific magic... if you pick the wrong one you get hit with the 'Couldn't Be More Wrong!' attack which deals Wind damage and can petrify. If you're right, however, he'll do nothing and use the Right Answer! move. He also uses "Turning brain cells grey" which is an MP steal single-target attack.

Goalie: Compendium: "Uses Super Save to guard against charged attacks. Counterattacks when the shields are raised." Able to Control. Normal Steal: No-Ghost Device. Rare Steal: Flawless Ruby. Starts a battle off by casting Wallus (Deflect a hit) on allies. A variant of the Red Mask Robot which has a tan face, a blue 'shirt' and a barb-wire coated shield with actual soccer balls as connecters for its shield. Has a chance to guard hits against allies. Take it out before any others, or attack all with spells or charged attacks. Moves: Super Save (Cancels Charge), Steel Wall Defense (Wallus), and Entering Overtime (Zephyra)

Long Jumpenguin: Compendium: "Hangs a gold medal on its chest. Inflicts massive amount of damage after it warms up." Able to Control. Normal Steal: Cure-All. Rare Steal: Phoenix Wing. Green variant of the Parvenu Pelican with a red track shirt and medal on. Uses a Swimming Attack (Harder Hit), Relentless Gold Medal Attack (Attacks all 2 times with a medal). Has around 5500 HP.

Love Crab: Normal Steal: Grand Shadow Crystal. Rare Steal: MP Boost Elixer. Able to Control. Yellow and orange variant of the Ghost Crab Mimic. Moves: Liquid Love (Water Attack with Erase). Item Over Love (Steals Item while doing major damage), Windy Love (Attack all with Wind), and Magical Love (Absorb MP).

Mecha Shogun: Compendium: "Even though it's a robot, it's a shogun. Being a robot makes it weak against water." Normal Steal: Cure-All. Rare Steal: Phoenix Tears. Able to Control. A golden variant of Servant Mecha Robo B. Moves: Intruders! Intruders! (Instantly makes all allies go first.)

Perilous Monkey: Compendium: "Thoughtlessly attacks enemies.  Hosts virus when turned into Zombie."  Normal Steal: Cure-All. Rare Steal: Banana. Able to Control.

Professor M: Compendium: "Equipped with all attack spells in existence. Counterattacks with the same spell it was attacked with." Normal Steal: Grand Shadow Crystal. Rare Steal: Flawless Amethyst. Able to Control. White variant of the Wandering Knowledge. Takes damage from Shine. Can increase attack power of allies.

Red Barrel: Compendium: "Stars shooting laser beams after sensing a presence of powerful magic.  Be careful of it." Normal Steal: Flawless Ruby. Rare Steal: Giveway Leaf. Red variant of the Security Mecha Robo. Moves: Barrel Shot (Electrical attack that paralyzes), Opening Barrel (Separates apart into Bottom and Top, which are below.), Red Laser Beam (attacks all), Barrel Combo Attack (Attack 3 times and lower accuracy of target), and Red Sword (damage all with Erase).

Red Bottom: Compendium: "When Red Top loses its HP, it will join together with a Red Bottom and become Red Barrel." Normal Steal: Grand Shadow Crystal. Rare Steal: Giant shadow Crystal. Red version of the Sentinel Mecha Robo Body. Moves: Machine Gun (attack all)

Red Top: Compendium: "Tries to join with a Red Bottom if they appear together. Don't let your guard down." Normal Steal: Flawless Emerald. Rare Steal: Giant Light Crystal. Red version of the Sentinel Mecha Robo Head. Uses a Rolling Attack that hits 3 times.

Scissor Hand: Compendium: "Attempts wide area attack with the power of wind. Vulnerable against water as water proofing wasn't ready in time." Normal Steal: Phoenix Talon. Rare Steal: Giveway Leaf. Purple variant of the Centipede. Uses Scissor Sonic (All-hitting move) and Violent Laser Beam (Stun attack).

Wandering Malice: Compendium: "A nasty counterattack awaits those who stoke hatred with fire." Normal Steal: Grand Emerald. Rare Steal: Phoenix Wing. Immune to Control. Yellow and orange variants of the Horned-Viper Trident. Has around 3550 HP. When hit with a spell it uses Anger at its Peak to increase attack.

White Tiger: Compendium: "When together with its kind, these tigers raise each others' morale with their might, increasing attack power." Normal Steal: Cure-All. Rare Steal: Phoenix Wing. Able to Control. A white variant of the Steel-Eating Tiger. Attacks: Fangs of Super Might (Attacks and raises Attack power of all allies.) Has around 4000 HP.

Shuffle Dungeon Bosses[]

Female Pirate: Compendium: "Extremely agile with dangerous counterattacks.  Try to stop her by utilizing the Sweet Spot." A variant of Zola who has short black hair, a red tank top, shorts, and red boots... she's accompanied by two Shuffle Mages, which should be your focus right off the bat, as their boosts and all-hitting attack can be VERY dangerous! Uses an all-hitting Cross Sonic attack, which can cause Erase. Also uses Charge Break, which cancels all active charges. Every time she is hit, she counters with a two-hit attack. Shine will stun her and cause her to not counter attack. Normal Steal: Master Thief Manual. Rare Steal: Assassin Heart.

Gold Dullahan: Compendium: "Pulls anyone in the back to the front. Will strike with a deadly attack after done defending." Normal Steal: Phoenix Wing. Rare Steal: Guardian Heart. Appears with 2 Shuffle Mages. Attacks first with Erase. Ground moves will decrease defenses. Moves: Gravitation (Brings all party in the back to the front), Rolling Explosion (Attack all and cause Silence), Gold Sonic (Attacks all with Erase), Charge (Knocks someone to the back), War Cry of the Noble (Causes Panic to party). When low on HP, uses Last Resort to increase attack greatly. Has around 20000 HP.

Goldragon: Compendium: "Even the invincible gold is overshadowed by my darkness. Study the frequency of its breath to deal with it." Normal Steal: Phoenix Wing. Rare Steal: Forbidden Crystals.

Jumbo Rainbow Poo: Compendium: "What's the weakness of poo? Water. Just beware of its paralyzing stench." Normal Steal: Ancient Feather. Rare Steal: Champions Belt. Appears with 2 Shuffle Mages. Has around 15000 HP.

Kaiser Kelolon: Compendium: "I thought making them bigger would make them cuter... Compassionate to Kelolons. Harsh against humans." Normal Steal: Giant Shadow Crystal. Rare Steal: Barrier Magic Heart. Just a huge as heck Kelolon, good luck...!   

Mist King: Compendium: "The love between the king and the queen is strong and deep.  Will revive whenever one of them is defeated." Normal Steal: Giant Light Crystal. Rare Steal: Forbidden Crystals. A darkish blue variant of the Mist Walker with an outward handlebar moustache and a solid gold crown in a similar design to the crown of the King Ghost. Appears with his counterpart below and with 2 Shuffle Mages. Moves: King's Smash (Harder attack), King's Wave (Waterus). Fairly flimsy.

Mist Queen: Compendium: "An inseparable bond links the two. Elemental vulnerability differs between them as well as their weakness." Normal Steal: Phoenix Wing. Rare Steal: Phoenix Tears. A dark brownish variant of the Mist Walker with a silver crown with a blue gemstone on the middle crest and red gemstones on the other two crests. Appears with her counterpart above and with 2 Shuffle Mages. Moves: Queen's Flare (Flareus, perhaps.) Immune to Physical Attacks, Wind, and Fire, weak against Ground and Water. Fairly flimsy.

Queen Ghost: Compendium: "Gaudy makeup and low, raspy voice.  Hardly my type of a woman. Has a solid defense but weak against things shiny." Normal Steal: No-Ghost Device. Rare Steal: Giveway Leaf.

Shuffle Guardians[]

Upon defeating all 8 of the bosses above and getting all 8 Octogon Crystal pieces, you form the Shuffle Key. This allows you to face the Shuffle Guardians, the final boss(es) of the DLC. They take the shape of the Blue Dragon (character), Phoenix, Saber Tiger, and Minotaur but purple instead of blue similar to Nene's shadow. Each all have over 10000 HP, so be careful in this grueling fight with yourselves!

Shuffle Claws: Compendium: "Magic Sword has various added effects." Can use the most powerful Sword Magic attacks, such as Flareus Sword, Shadowus Sword, etc. Can cause Panic with Flareus Sword.

Shuffle Wings: Compendium: "Spells can be reflected using Reflect." Uses Black Magic and Guardian abilities, such as Wallus and Windus. Can start off attacking with Double Spell.

Shuffle Horns: Compendium: "Effects of spells can be disabled by casting Erase." Uses Support Magic and White Magic spells.

Shuffle Fangs: Compendium: "Casting Cancel will invalidate charges." Uses Charge Burst (attacks all), Long Range Attack (Attacks back), has Absolute Counterattack.

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