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A list of all monsters in Blue Dragon Plus, in-game its called the Monster Book. There are four types of monsters, Monster, Undead, Mag Monster (short for Magical Monster) and Mecha Robos. Monsters will be strong or weak to certain types of attacks and have their own attack types they can use. Many monsters are from Blue Dragon.

Number Name Image Monster Type Level Territory Weak Against Strong Against Items Dropped Description
1 Poo Snake Monster 14 Medical Laboratory Water Fire Medicine A monster evolved from a parasite found in Grunt Poo.
2 Hover Alarm Mecha Robo 12 Branch Point Water Fire L Panel, Metal Gear Disc-shaped security robot. Constantly looks for intruders.
3 Interceptors Mecha Robo 12 Branch Point Ground Wind T Panel, Gun Powder Found with Hover Alarms. Blows self up if outclassed.
4 Medic Mecha Robo 12 Branch Point Ground Wind + Panel, Metal Barrier Maintenance Mecha. Uses its 4 arms to fix broken robots.
5 Shrike Beak Monster 14 Branch Point Ground Wind Mega Medicine, Earth Haz Band An ancient bird. Its beak can drill through stone.
6 Crested Beak Monster 14 Branch Point Wind Ground Purple Bomb, Wind Haz Band A giant bird with poison wings. Beware of its "Acid Breath".
7 Mecha Robo Mecha Robo 12 Branch Point Water Fire I Panel, Normal Tank Humanoid Mecha Robo made for war. Mass-produced model.
8 Stone Poo Snake Monster 16 Royal Tomb Wind Ground Amethyst, Defense Band A dried-out Poo Snake that doesn't really smell too bad.
9 Acrid Poo Snake Monster 16 Royal Tomb Fire Water Sapphire, Water Haz Band Poo Snake from a giant bird. It seems to be high in fibre.
10 Flying Fish Monster 16 Frozen Hall Dark Light Mental Surge, Dark Bracelet A fish that became airborne thanks to its mutated fin.
11 Gunner Scorpion Mecha Robo 18 Ancient Tomb Wind Ground T Panel, Iron Gear A scorpion-like Mecha Robo that shots missiles from its tail.
12 Magic Jellyfish Magical Monster 16 Laboratory Ground, Fire Water Stealth Tonic, Atk Speed Band Jellyfish that ate a magic wand. Attacks with magic bullets.
13 Kelolon Monster 16 Laboratory Ground, Fire Wind, Water (NIL) Vitality Exilir, Magic Def Band Cute little monster with national pride. Reveres his king.
14 Mecha Crab Mecha Robo 16 Laboratory Fire Water L Panel, Nebula Star A combat Mecha Robo that looks like a crab. Is very agile.
15 Big House Rat Monster 16 Monster Keep Earth Wind Physical Surge, Magic Spd Band A rat possessed by a criminal's soul. Hates the living and attacks humans to devour their soul.
16 Pyre-Rat Monster 16 Monster Keep Earth, Water Wind Mega Medicine, Mirror Bracelet Loves sparkling objects. Always carries fireworks on his back so he can watch them wherever he goes.
17 Fireworks Rat Monster 16 Monster Keep Water Fire Red Bomb, Heat Haz Band Shoots fireworks from its back. Very short tempered.
18 Bullet Scorpion Bullet Scorpion 16 Incinerator Water Fire I Panel, Titan Gear A sad scorpion that turned into a Robo after eating a micro machine. Has the startling ability to explode its tail.
19 Balloon Bomber Balloon Bomber 16 Incinerator Water Fire L Panel, Ancient Nitro Mecha Robo with a bomb for a head. Floats around and blows its top.
20 Fat Rat Monster 14 Upper Level Light Shadow Medicine, Mag Quartz Hoop A large and vicious rat. Attacks with razor sharp fangs.
21 Midnight Ghost Undead 14 Royal Tomb Fire, Wind, Light Water, Ground, Shadow Stealth Tonic, Mag Quartz Band A cluster of souls. No substance, but does real damage.
22 Snow Wolf Ghost Magical Monster 16 Upper Level Fire Water Blue Bomb, Mag Quartz Torq The soul of a wolf that died a frigid death. Tries to make you one of them.
23 Fire Wolf Ghost Magical Monster 16 Upper Level Water Fire Red Bomb, Mag Quartz Ring The soul of a wolf that died a flaming death. Looks to burn you to death as well.
24 Sonic Bash Fish Monster 16 Upper Level Fire Water Physical Surge, Mithril Band An ancient flying fish. Charges in and explodes on contact.
25 Marl Poo Snake Monster 16 Upper Level Ground Wind Emerald, Ordeal Necklace A Poo Snake with leaves and gloop stuck to its body
26 Green Skeleton
27 Evil Mural
28 Tragedy Mural
29 Poison Mural
30 Chaos Mural
31 Guard Robo
32 Aegis Robo
33 Dual Axe
34 Marine Robo
35 Winking Medic
36 Battle Robo
37 Iron Poo Snake
38 Clawed Bomber
39 Hover Patroller
40 Enforcer Robot
41 Common Defender
42 Blind Cybord
43 Enhancer Unit
44 Roball
45 Green Grunt
46 Purple Skeleton
47 Heavy Robo
48 White Defender
49 Ambush Drone


  • The Gunner Scorpion's bio has a typo in the English version where 'shoots' is spelt as 'shots'