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Monsters appeared[]

  • #059 Intercept Dynadrone
  • #066 Tailgunner Robo-Scorpion
  • #073 Versatile Mecha Robo
  • #083 Servant Mecha Robo A
  • #084 Enforcer Robot
  • #085 Servant Mecha Robo B
  • #086 Standard Defender
  • #087 Assassin Robot
  • #284 Grand Silent Ku
  • #286 Grand Heat-Wave Sai
  • #288 Grand Raging Kesu
  • #290 Grand Turbulent Mai


Nene's Fortress is the final dungeon of Disc 2 in Blue Dragon. It consists of five floors that all have a healing machine and a save point at the start of each of them. The design of the dungeon consists of mostly linear pathways with the outer pathways usually having a treasure chest and/or an enemy at the end of them. At the end of each floor, the player goes through a large door embedded with Nene's symbol that leads to a specific chamber. Within these chambers, the player has to do a specific challenge, (usually a boss fight except for floor 3 which is a minigame). Floor 5 does not have a chamber.

The challenges consist of:

  1. Land Shark A+B (two rounds)
  2. Grand Demon Kings + Grand Szabo (two rounds)
  3. Moon Lasers minigame
  4. Jumbo Mecha Robo
  5. Yasato + Servant Mecha Robos
  6. Kluke's collar button-masher
  7. Squastrich button-masher

This particular dungeon also has a 60-minutes timer due to the existence of Kluke's "bomb" collar. If the player beats the time limit, they will earn an achievement, if not, they will instead watch a secret, non-canon cutscene. Since the bomb is fake, there are no real consequences that come with running out of time.


  • This is one of the two dungeons that are featured in the game's demo, (alongside the Ancient Forest-Ruins), but it works slightly different there
  • This is the only timed dungeon in the full game