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Neo Jibral Castle Town is the cube version of Jibral Castle and Jibral Castle Town. It appeared in both Blue Dragon Plus and Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow.

Blue Dragon[]

Neo Jibral Castle appeared briefly at the end of the third disc; promising an obvious sequel to the game.

Blue Dragon Plus[]

The castle town didn't make an appearence, but Neo Jibral Castle did. It looked similar to the one in Jibral only made out of tan material rather gray bricks. There was a smaller balcony that outlooked the waterfall and the other cube worlds. However, a piece was destroyed due to a Bomber Mecha Robo that made its way into the castle.

Players don't really get a chance to explore around Neo Jibral. In fact, the only time the player is active in the castle is when the Robos appear in the Throne Room. The room looks similar to the one in Plus only the walls have a different color and there are no flags hanging.

Awakened Shadow[]

In Awakened Shadow, Neo Jibral looks completely different. Unlike Plus, players can wonder around in this setting for it is where most of the quests and events happen (not to mention the Combining Shop is located near the castle). The town consists of a clinic, shop, barber, e.t.c.

Neo Jibral Castle has an underpass where the player will travel to in order to complete a certain quest. There is also a locked door that isn't accessible until later. There are two entries on the first floor; one leading to your room and the other leading to the Mechat Lab and the underpass. The throne room looks very different from the last two. Its the biggest room in the castle; this is also where the player, Shu and the others celebrate at the end of the game.