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For the actual character, see Noi.

Noi is the second episode aired in the second season of the Blue Dragon (anime).


Shu has a dream of a mysterious girl telling him to save the world. After Noi helps reawaken Bouquet's Hippopotamus, Shu and Bouquet talk about Noi including about his mysterious ability to revive lost shadows. Shu then tells Bouquet that something is not right in the world and says that they will be heading to Marumaro's village. Meanwhile, General Logi is in the middle of world conquest when his second-in-command Matilda tells him of an important matter. Rosekstan's capital Albarose is then invaded by a woman who has the same characteristic as Noi. Having his guards taken down, Logi faces the woman. The woman however wants a fair fight so she reawakens Odin from his slumber with her Tousen Genbaku. Shu's party later has a run-in with a mysterious man named Mikhail stating to be a 'Investiture Being', and also a shadow wielder whose shadow is a splitting red of the red dragon they fought before. Overwhelmed as their fight rages on, Noi reluctantly uses his Tousen Bardagir move that gives Bouquet and Hippopotamus the ability to merge with Shu, giving a new armored form for Blue Dragon to overpower Mikhail but not defeat him.