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Omega Dragon is a post-game boss who appears in Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow. Omega Dragon is the last of 3 bosses fought on New World and is one of the hardest bosses in the game (which is capable of defeating you and your party even at Lv99)

Physical Appearance[]

Omega Dragon is a red, muscular, humanoid dragon monster with green eyes, sharp teeth, and spikes on it's shoulders and it's tail and a horn (all of which are black with a yellow stripe). Some parts of it's body, such as the chest, the lower part of the mouth and the eyebrows are a pink colour.


Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow[]

Omega Dragon makes it's debut appearance as a post-game boss. Much like the other Beasts of the Underworld, it seems to lack a personality due to it's monstrous nature. Another Beast of the Underworld, Arcane Dragon may be related to it considering their similar appearances.


  • Poison-Sleep Needle: Omega Dragon uses an attack that damages the player (and either poisons them and/or puts them to sleep.
  • Weakrus: Omega Dragon uses an attack that weakens the player party.
  • Flarus: It uses one of the Phoenix skills to inflict high amount of damage.
  • Catastrophe: It generates a massive explosion dealing a lot of damage to the player and party members nearby the attack.
  • Shutter Blow: Omega Dragon delivers a super punch on the target, knocking him/her down and lowering their defense.

Image Gallery[]


  • Unlike most of the game's bosses, Omega Dragon (and by extension, Arcane) takes reduced damage from attacks.
  • While Bloom Dragon and Reverie Demon Oboro are blue palette swaps of Flower Lizard and Ghost Demon Malboro, Omega Dragon is an original boss who is red in colour. The game's final door boss, Arcane Dragon is a blue and purple palette swap of Omega Dragon, who is far harder.
  • One of it's attacks Poison-Sleep Needle is borrowed from Last Slavery, the game's final boss.
  • Omega Dragon is the only boss (if not the only monster) who drops the Hero's Soul, which is needed to create the best armour in the game.