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Pachess Town is a place in the north where Shu, Jiro, Marumaro, and Zola encountered while searching for Kluke (who was taken by Nene on board the Jumbo Mecha Robo). Ever since Nene wrecked havoc on the village, a green barrier has surrounded the town, thus preventing any of the people inside from leaving the village.

Blue Dragon: Disc 2[]

When Shu and the others first arrived, they walked straight through the green barrier and were unable to get out. Even magic had no affect. When it was revealed Shu could summon a Shadow, the villagers immediately turned their backs on them, distrustful towards the newcomers. It was then where Shu had to speak to the village's mayor, and, after much persuasion, later told the others that they meant no harm.

Behind the mayor's house, there's a large Ancient Lab that leads to Pachess Town: Underground. It was there where Shu and the others learned that Nene had thrown a piece from an Ancient machine (which was most likely causing the green barrier to remain) down the hole, leading underground.

After battling the boss, they return with the piece which Jiro installs into the machine. Marumaro, however, soon grows impatient with the 'loading' and starts slamming his fist down on the controls. This later "turns" the moons over (floating around the village), which reveals a laser of some sort on the opposing side. They fire at the green barrier, which is soon brought down.

Now that Pachess Town is free, the player can now reach treasure chests they couldn't reach before, and they can leave to continue the story of Disc 2.

Monsters appeared[]