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Pegasus (ペガサス) is one of the Shadows that appear in Blue Dragon Plus. One of the main users being Yasato.


Pegasus takes the form of a winged horse with black hooves, blue wings, golden anklets on its legs, red eyes and a dark blue mane and tail.


Pegasus grants the user the ability to use item magic. It can enhance an item’s effectiveness or be used twice.

  • Warp to a Shop
  • Double Item - allows an item to be used twice
  • Item effect Up - enhances item effect
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Item Spread - shares item with others, but uses it up completely
  • Auto Heal Item
  • Eternal Engine - sometimes prevents items from stock decreasing
  • Pegasus


  • Pegasus is based on the mythical winged horse of Greek mythology of the same name.