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Phantom Dragon

Phantom Dragon

The Phantom Dragon is one of the five evil dragons in the game, and later in Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows. It is located by the glass spires at the shore closest to Ghost Yeet Island.


It can emit purple waves of energy destructive to bring White Guardian airships into dust. The purple energy attacks can discharge sparks which explode upon impact. Also, it can emit purple mist-like energy that can melt Brionacs. It was destroyed by a combined attack by Alubujem and Minotaur.


A blue dragon with light-blue swirl markings on its face, including its chest part, elbow side, wings and tail. Its eyes are outlined between thick sky blue and inner part blue. Its inner wings are pale purple.


  • HP: 25000
  • BEWARE: Heals itself while damaging.


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