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Phoenix (フェニックス Fenikkusu) is Kluke's Shadow from the Blue Dragon series.


Blue Dragon[]

Phoenix is a humanoid bird, the same dark blue colour as every other good shadow. They are slim overall and have a large more purple coloured beak. Atop their head is a tall mohawk and their chest is fluffy with short feathers. Around their neck is a thin golden hoop necklace and long feathered wings extend from their arms. Their fingers have spiked black talons and like other good shadows, they have red eyes.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow[]

Phoenix in Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow has a drastically different appearance to Kluke's Phoenix from the previous games. They sport an overall more gender neutral appearance in contrast to Kluke's Phoenix's rather feminine appearance.

They have a dark blue body with light teal claws and a beak which gradients to black. Their whole body is covered in short feathers with their head and chest being slightly thicker. Unlike Kluke's Phoenix, their wings are on their back instead of their arms however they still have a mohawk, despite it this time being made from feathers. They have red eyes and a blue tongue. The gold parts of their design are a cover for their beak as well as bracelet cuffs, their four-fingered hands are scaled and they have grey claws.


Phoenix in the anime has a similar appearance to her game appearance, the only difference is her pink colour scheme which replaces the blue shadow colours from the game series.


Blue Dragon[]

In the game, Kluke's Shadow is strongest in the Black Magic class. It uses elemental attacks such as Flare, Water, and Wind. Phoenix's Corporeal form is a large, pink Phoenix, its feathers are a similar shade as the anime. In this form, Phoenix has talons and takes the form of an actual bird rather than a Shadow. It swoops down and Kluke jumps on its shoulder. It then swoops down and hits its enemies with its wing before swooping back up to the sky. Kluke gives it a final command and Phoenix flaps its wings, sending out waves of heat that explode into the ground and create dozens of mini volcanoes. However, like all Corporeal forms, this disappears after the Corporeal time is finished.


In the anime, Phoenix is considered female. She is pink in color and her personality is revealed to be very kind and caring. Phoenix is capable of summoning shields, teleporting, and combat attacks.

Phoenix first appears in episode 14 of season 1 where she is accidentally summoned when Kluke stands between Nene and Chimera, and Zola. When Kluke refuses to move aside, Phoenix is awakened and she shields Kluke and Zola with her wings. Chimera launches its Gravity Ball and Kluke is knocked out. Phoenix, however, manages to teleport Kluke and her friends before disappearing herself.

For a few episodes, Kluke is unable to summon Phoenix due to her lack of confidence, feeling she is useless. By episode 19, she regains her Shadow after exploring Phoenix's ruins. Phoenix once again speaks to Kluke, reminding her that Kluke is the only one who can summon her and Phoenix really has no control over when she can appear.

Kluke summons Phoenix whenever she needs an ear or if she needs some friendly advice, as shown in some of the last episodes in season 1.

In Season 2, like the rest of the other 7 shadows, Phoenix disappeared after Kluke sacrificed her to seal the Darkness. But Noi secretly resurrected without Kluke's knowledge, until the village she and the injured Andropov resided. Kluke subconsciously resummoned Phoenix again when she shields Andropov from the Resistance's attack.

Since then, in accordance to her lessened screen time, Phoenix continues to support Kluke and her allies with her motherly nature.

Powers and Abilities[]

Blue Dragon[]

  • Flare: A fire-attribute spell. It is possible Eternal Breath was based off on this.
  • Water: A water-attribute spell. Phoenix throws its arms out and a river of water hits the enemies. 
  • Wind: A wind-attribute spell. Phoenix flaps its wings and hits the enemy with gusts of wind.
  • Earth: A earth-attribute spell. Phoenix rises up and slams its wings towards the ground, similar to Kluke bringing her arms down.
  • Shadow: A Dark-attribute spell. The spell cast is similar to water.

Blue Dragon Plus[]

Phoenix is linked to the Black Mage class in Blue Dragon Plus, although they are Kluke's base shadow, any character that equips the Phoenix Prism can use Black Magic skills will use the Phoenix shadow when casting those spells.

The skills Phoenix can learn are:

  • Flare
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Ground
  • Shadow
  • Black Charge: When skill is equipped, Black Magic spells can be upgraded, eg. Flare to Flara and Flarus
  • Star: Casts a random strong Black Magic attack, eg. Flarus
  • Phoenix: Attacks all enemies on the map

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow[]


  • Teleportation
  • Eternal Breath: A beam of fire fires at the enemy.
  • Feather Protect: Creates a barrier that shields from attacks but breaks if it takes too much damage.
  • Dance in the Dark: Blasts the enemy with a gust of wind. Was used against General Logi and was able to stun him and Valkyrie for a few moments for Shu to attack.


  • Interestingly, in the anime, when Kluke summons Phoenix in season 2, it is very similar to the way Phoenix was first summoned in episode 14 as Kluke had shield a friend from being attacked and right as their enemy launched the spell/lasers, Phoenix appeared and blocked them.