Poo Snakes are purple poos that look like a curled up snake. They hold a spear and wear teal gloves and boots. They also seem to have a mouth on their stomachs.


They are the weakest enemies in the game and have very low physical defense and magical defense, so any attack/spell will cause a lot of damage. Poo snakes have 8 HP and 2 basic attacks; the Full-Power Thrust is simply a stronger version of their default attack, and Summon Allies allows them to summon Poo Snakes. The only thing you need to worry about is that if they summon enough Poo Snakes, they will form into a Jumbo Poo Snake that has an extremely high amount of HP. You shouldn't let that happen early in the game.

Encyclopedia Entry

Monsters created when a parasite starts living in lizard poo. Weakest of all creatures of this kind. But be careful, they sometimes summon their friends.


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