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Primella (referred to in the English version as Puri Mura) is an anime-exclusive character appearing in Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows as the oracle of the White Guardians and "granddaughter" of their leader, Dr. Tarkovsky.


Primella resides among the White Guardians in the city of Nirvana where she is revered as their Oracle due to her clairvoyance. With her clairvoyant foreknowledge to alter destiny, she is always placed under intense security with the Guardians' commander Vermillion as her bodyguard, and with a rebuilt General Szabo as her personal attendant. She conducts in rituals to perceive into the future for the Guardians to plan their military tactics and strategic maneuvers.


Primella is actually Zola's reincarnation after her good essence was expelled from the Darkness. The essence was eventually discovered by Dr. Tarkovsky who placed it into a homunculus vessel and later adopting the latter as her own granddaughter. Because of her origins, Primella's clairvoyance was used by Dr. Tarkovsky to change the world by eliminating all Shadows. Upon such, she would contact Shu in his dreams until they finally met in Nirvana.

When it came to her latest visions revolving around Shu and the Guardians fighting Fagino and Rottarace killing Kluke in a flower field, she persuaded Vermillion to accompany to where Shu is and deliver the news. Following Vermillion's sacrifice, she and General Szabo traveled with Shu while Noi, Bouquet, and Marumaro went to see to their own missions. Upon reuniting with the White Guardians, she was able to persuade her grandfather to call a truce with both Shu and Rosekstan.

During the fight with Rudolph, Shu learned about Primella's origins and her "destined fate" of sacrificing herself to release the energy in her body to destroy the Investiture Beings. But Shu managed to prevent that fate from happening, where he managed to destroy Rudolph and ending the conflict. Following Rudolph's destruction, she gave medals to Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro.