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Quests are small missions that can be completed throughout the game and post-game of Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow. There are some that can be blown off during Post Game and others the player HAS to complete during the main storyline. Each quest has a different reward and certain ones affect the ending of the story (specifically "Jiro in Love" and "A Cookie for You".

All Quests[]

There are a total of twenty quests in the game. Below are each one and their reward and how they affect the ending of the game.

Quest Name Required Required Party Members? Rewards
The Door to the Otherworld Yes No Shu and Zola both join your party.
Yasato's Close Shave Yes Yasato Fire Bracelet, Synthesis Shop is now open and Yasato joins the party.
Quiet in the Hospital No Kluke Kluke joins your party. Other rewards differ from a Sewing Kit or Fish.
King Jibral in Despair Yes King Jibral King Jibral joins your party.
Jiro in Love No No Jiro joins your party. Depending on your decision, you can also earn a Aurora Crystal (Jiro) or Morning Crystal (Shu).
Shu's Birthday No Kluke and Sahlia Sahlia joins your party
Fushira's Adventure Yes Fushira Fushira joins your party and access to Destroy sidequest
Fly, Mechat! Yes No You can now use the Mechat to access other planets.
Toripo's Secret Yes Toripo Toripo joins the party; multiple/random rewards after defeating the boss and Manga King's Materials (item)
Mokkori Power! No Marumaro Marumaro joins your party and several pieces of treasure such as an Earth of Wind.
Ancient Dreams Yes No Anti-Eternal Engine (allows you to get rid of Green barriers)
Neo Jibral's Secret Yes King Jibral/Zola Moon Key
The Forgotten Town Yes Yasato Sun Key/Recipe Book; New combinable weapons/armor are added to the list
Hineto Resurrected No No Combining Pot is upgraded; can now combine certain accessories with weapons.
A Cookie For You! No No Sahlia joins the party; depending on your decisions, you can earn a Guard Heart and Spell Heart (Sahlia) or Power Heart and another power-up item (Kluke)
Catch the Poos! No No Unchi-kun joins your party; Silver Poo or Gold Poo; depends on the player's decisions.
The Devee Tribe's Misfortune No No Whatever items are obtained after defeating Giant Evil Poo.
Tears of Ice Yes Szabo Szabo joins your party.
Destruction of the Stars Yes No N/A
The Final Ordeal Yes No You complete the game, unlock New Planet and the Ultimate Door appears.

How they affect the ending of the Main Storyline[]

"Jiro in Love"[]

  • If the player has either Jiro or Shu win and does NOT attempt the quest "A Cookie for You" during the main storyline (not post game), one of them will be with Kluke at the end of the banquet besides seeing Sahlia with Shu or Kluke with Shu if the player did complete the task "A Cookie for You" during the main game. Meaning your game will end with either Jiro and Kluke or Shu and Kluke.

"A Cookie for You!"[]

  • There are some differences (depending on what you did for "Jiro in Love", but the player can still complete "A Cookie for You" after the credits roll. It is an optional quest and does not need to be completed immediately.
  • Depending if you let Shu eat the cookie or not, he will end up with Sahlia/Kluke. If the player does not allow Shu to eat the cookie, both Kluke and Shu will be seen sitting next to one another during the banquet with an upset Sahila watching. However, if he does eat the cookie, Kluke will be the one dejected. 


  • Out of the two quests "Jiro in Love" and "A Cookie for You", Shu/Kluke can happen either way. Reason: if the player lets Shu win the competition against Jiro, he'll be with Kluke only Jiro will be the one rejected. If the player completes "A Cookie for You", Shu not eating the cookie, it will be Sahila instead of Jiro.
  • Even if Jiro and Kluke end up together (if the player does not complete "A Cookie for You"), the task with Shu, Sahlia, and Kluke is still accessible and they both have the same results as if the player would complete it during the main storyline. So technically, Kluke can be with Jiro at the end, but if Shu doesn't eat the cookie, she'll still kiss him (Shu) on the forehead despite being in a relationship with the other (Jiro).