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Rafflesia (ラフレシア) is one of the Shadows that appear in Blue Dragon Plus. One of the main users being Fushira.


Rafflesia appears very similar to the real life Rafflesia plant. It has the plant atop its head with the rest of its body being a very smooth texture. It has two skinny arms that extend from its face. It has semi-circular red eyes and a wide mouth with spiked teeth. It seems to lack a gold part to it, unlike most shadows.


Rafflesia's class is Forger. It specialises in attack buffs for Fushira and his allies.

  • Beef Up - Boosts Fushira's attack
  • Strength - Boosts allies attack
  • Knock Back
  • HP Up
  • Strength Up
  • Parts Drop
  • Immunity
  • Rafflesia


  • The Shadow is based on the actual parasitic flower located in the Southeast.
  • Rafflesia is the only shadow to be based on a plant.