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Rosekstan (ローゼンクロイツ Roozenkuroitzu) is a new organization created and led by General Logi through his authoritarian dictatorship since the Gran Kingdom's destruction. Since its foundation, Rosekstan has taken over much of the territory previously held by the Gran Kingdom and absorbed much of its army. Its only opposition is the Resistance led by Legolas, remnants of the Gran Kingdom, and the White Guardians.


Rosekstan is an extreme military organization that sought to bring order and stability to the world using the power of shadows after Gran Kingdom's defeat. The organization is described as the world's most powerful nation, occupying over 60% of Gran Kingdom's territory and resources. It lies in the capital of Alabaruz which is presumably political and administrative center of its nation, until it's eventful destruction by Rottarace's trial.Rosekstan's military is seemingly focused on cost-effectivness of it's troops as seen with their soldiers not wearing any protective and persumably little bit expensive gear unlike the Gran Kingdom's soldiers.Ships used by Rosekstan are also not big persumably expensive battleships like Gran Kingdom's,but smaller and persumably cheaper corvette-like ships.


Rosekstan was first established after Nene's defeat by Shu's party, and General Logi soon took control and advantage of Gran Kingdom's dysfunctional state. He declared the introduction of his new organization before General Orhil and his army and the city under his occupation. After that, Logi resumes into discovering Zola's real motives and tracks her party down to the Sealed Grounds where they unintentionally unleash the Darkness. General Logi used Rosekstan's resources to research the Darkness and eventually developed Shadow Shields. Rosekstan then allied with Zola's former party (now Shu's) to face the Darkness, while other kingdoms and nations allied to fend off the dark remnants.

Two years later in Season 2, Rosekstan continues its advancement into restoring order while battling against the Resistance and Gran Kingdom remnants. After Rottarace destroys Alabaruz, Matilda and Logi remain in hiding within the Galleon ruins to reorganize for their confrontation with the White Guardians. After Rudolph divided the world with a giant wall, both forces were separated and are seen preparing for yet another confrontation.Rosekstan also plays a pivotal role in defeating Rudolph,providing many ship's and Hraesvelg.


  • Black Shadow: Types 4, 5 and 6 are under Rosekstan's possession.
  • Sleipnir: Rosekstan's newest shadow exoskeletons, succeeding the Black Shadows.
  • Hraesvelg: Their newest flagship.


  • It is undetermined what economic system Rosekstan uses, but mostly capitalism under planned economy.
  • The reason why Rosekstan's army is focused on cost-effectivness could be so that they can fund other projects like new Black Shadow units,Sleipnirs and Hraesvelg.
  • In the show,Matilda mentions that there exsists an Executive Council that needs Logi's verification on the procedures for various tributary states.That probably means that although Executive Council is there it only has administrative power and can possibly counsel Logi,but they likely don't have any real power.

Rosekstan insignia