Schneider is a character from the Blue Dragon anime.




Schneider is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron under the rank of Sergeant Major. He also showed a bit of a brotherly relationship towards Andropov. When he was young, Gran Kingdom attacked his village and he was the only survivor. General Logi approched him and asked him to come with him. Schneider accepted and that was when he joined Gran Kingdom. He started off as a solider in Logi's squad and soon he moved up in rank until he acquired his shadow. When the Independent Flying Squadron was formed General Logi asked him to joined in which he accepted.

He first appeared to attack Bouquet where his attacks damaged Bouquet's clothes. Bouquet used her invisibility to escape from Schneider. Schneider is also the one responsible for killing Lt. Dragnov.

When it came to Zola's plan to infiltrate General Logi's ship to reclaim the Extra Seven, Schneider was among the Independent Flying Squadron members to receive a Power Booster. He alongside Andropov and Lemaire were to serve as secondary defense. Schneider used ice arrows to form a colosseum so that Cynthia can fight Shu, Kluke, Jiro, and Bouquet. After Gilliam, Cynthia, and Todd and Bishop were defeated, he and Andropov engaged Jiro and Marumaro. They did a combo attack to knock out Marumaro, but Zola joined the fight after she defeated Lemaire.

When General Logi announced his secession from Gran Kingdom, Schneider and the soldiers with him took over Castle Des La Teste for him at the time when they were going to send all available units to Coreed.

When it came to the battle against Zola, he and Andropov take on two giant shadow monsters while the others get to Zola. With both he and Andropov weakened, Schneider sacrifices his life to destroy the giant shadow monsters.




Schneider's shadow is Isabel, an armored archer who uses a variety of arrows ranging from multiplying arrows, explosive arrows, and ice arrows. Isabel can also turn its bow into swords and emit laser balls from them. Isabel can also shoot a beam from the circle on its forehead.


  • Blazen Rain: It shoots an arrow above its opponent and the arrow explodes and light blue diamonds fall from the sky onto the opponent.
  • Luminous Ball: It separtes its bow into twin swords and creates a white ball of energy by bringing the swords near to each other that it hurls at its opponent.
  • Lightning Cage: it shoots an arrow into the sky that fires blasts of lightning that bind the opponent.
  • It can shoot purple laser beam from its forehead.
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