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Shuffle Dungeon is a DLC exclusive dungeon in Blue Dragon and serves as the game's bonus dungeon. Unlike other dungeons in the game, it's floors are randomly generated which makes each trip to the dungeon unique. To stand a chance against it's enemies and the various bosses that inhabit the place, you will need all of your party at Lv: 99 with their best equipment.

General Information[]

On the World Map, it appears as a grey cube that glitches slightly. Upon making it in and taking the warp at the entrance, you appear in a dark cave with water in various places and treasure chests strewn about. At various points in the dungeon are coloured doors that are either red, blue, yellow or green which require a password; get it wrong and your party is inflicted with status effects before being thrown into battle. There are multiple bosses unique to the dungeon and defeating the first 8 grants you crystals which can be used to open up the final area where the Shuffle Guardians are fought. In each playthrough of the dungeon is a Dragon Chamber which true to the dungeon's randomized nature, pits you against of the optional Dragons you fought previously.


  • Blue Chiroptrident
  • Crystal Giant
  • Cursed Spine Ghost
  • Dark Poo Snake
  • Franciose
  • Gaudy Ghost
  • Goalie
  • Gourmet Bear
  • Iron Poo Snake
  • Jelly Jolt
  • Land Temple Turtle
  • Lethal Stinger
  • Long Jumpengiun
  • Love Crab
  • Mad Scarlet Stinger
  • Mecha Shogun
  • Nazoe
  • Perilous Monkey
  • Poleaxe Ghost
  • Professor M
  • Red Barrel; splits into Red Top and Red Bottom
  • Red Razor Ghost
  • Robber Clam
  • Scissor Hand
  • Shuffle Mage
  • Soyo-Soyo
  • Tornado Raptor
  • Wandering Malice
  • White Tiger


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  • Shuffle Dungeon is the only dungeon in the entire series to be DLC exclusive and to have a randomized layout.