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The Slepinir (スレイプニル Sureipuniiru) are shadow-generated exoskeletons developed by Rosekstan. It is more mobile than its predecessor, due to its flight capabilities and mental-controlled bits. When piloted by a skilled pilot, the Sleipnir can prove to be quite deadly against the most formidable adversaries, especially the Investiture Beings and the White Guardians.


  • Horn Beamgun
The default armament for both long-range beam shooting and close combat.
  • Sleipnir Bits
Mobile bits attached by shadow cables and remotely controlled by the pilot for coordinated offense and defense.
  • Shoulder Claws
Claws that can be launched from the shoulders via physical wires.
  • Bomber Pods
Pods mounted on the chest of the Sleipnir that contain bombs to be dropped over the enemy.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Shadow Generators
Using the same shadow generators as the Black Shadows, they were upgraded for the units to maintain immense mobility and firepower.
  • Sleipnir System
A special OS developed by Rosekstan's engineers after acquiring battle data by the Investiture Beings. It amplifies the pilot's brainwaves to control the bits and multiple unmanned units.