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Spark Dragon

Spark Dragon

The Spark Dragon appeared in Blue Dragon as an optional boss located in Gul Mountains (behind a red barrier) and can also be fought as one of the bosses in Shuffle Dungeon. It also appeared in Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows as one of the 5 evil dragons.


It can emit destructive lightning waves from its body enough to damage large airships. It is quickly agile with using its powerful tail for thrashing enemies.


The dragon's body is a composed mixture of animals with a bat face and bharal antlers and pink eyes. Its skin color is reddish brown with red color on its chest and tail. It has spikes on both sides of its tail and its inner wings are white.


In the anime, it damaged the White Guardians' Brionac Tanks, while fast enough to dodge a fusionized Saber Tiger. It was injured by Conrad and Griz before it was destroyed by Shu and Blue Dragon.


  • HP: 25000
  • BEWARE of its Black Wind Attack (damages whole part)

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