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First appearane : Episode 10, "in enemy - Name : andropov - Gender : Male - Age : 10 years old to 12 years old - Shadow : Alfheim - Race : human

In the anime blue dragon =

Andropov was a Shadow of users of Gran Kingdom and was under General Logi's command. He was the youngest of Logi's Shadow is truppe. Sein Alfheim. With this he has the ability to track people. Andropov was Shu and his friends over always hostile until he met Kluke. Andropov Immediatiely fell in love with her, but did not want to admit it. It was also he who kluke to escape helped by the key to the handcuffs (which prevented them to call their shadows) her in her room was. Andropov fought on the side of Schneider against two Shadow monster. Schneider lost his life in order to accomplish this mission. Also Andropov was injured, but survived.

Blue dragon : tenkai no shichi ryuu Edit

Andropov returns in the squel of The anime series. He is nursed back to health by Kluke and lives with her.

Andropov and Shadow The HedgehogEdit

Andropov was to be inspired and based off of Shadow The Hedgehog of that in the Sonic Universe. 14:11, January 4, 2017 (UTC)

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