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Tarantula (タランシュラ) is one of the Shadows that appear in Blue Dragon Plus. One of the main users being Toripo.


This shadow takes the form of a spider with eight light blue legs with claws on the ends of them, red eyes and long feelers. Its shadow tail is protruding from its spinneret.


Blue Dragon Plus[]

While on his travels, Toripo ended up in the atomic cube, but ended up getting trapped in a storage unit within the mecha plant. When the party lets him out, he reveals that he obtained a soul engine and because of that, caused his Tarantula shadow to appear.


Tarantula grants the user the ability to use Barrier Magic. This allows the user to increase magic defence.

  • Mystic Wall
  • Magical Ward
  • Shell
  • Reflecta
  • Bubble Barrier
  • Bari-Barrier
  • Force Guard
  • Tarantula