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The Monster in the Woods is the twenty-fourth episode aired in the Blue Dragon (anime).


Following the trail of the downed Norg ship, Shu and Co. look for Homeron and the Norg's crew in the Great Brandish Forest which is on the border of Gran Kingdom and Sabalu Country. Delphinium is also in the woods searching for the Norg Crew. Shu, Jiro, and Marumaro, as well as Homeron and the Norg Crew, are soon attacked by Obacks (one-eyed single-horned bears, known as Horned Lazy Bears within the Blue Dragon Game for the Xbox 360). Even when Shu catches up with Honmalon at where the Obacks nest, Delphinium arrives and uses her shadow to kill Homeron. After evading Blue Dragon, Delphinium escapes. With the crew of the Norg freed, the captain of the Norg tells Shu that the Extra Seven are on General Logi's ship.