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The Shadow Comes Forth is the first episode aired in the Blue Dragon (anime).


A young boy named Shu highly dreams of becoming a Knight Master after hearing one that has appeared in his village. Shu goes in search only to find out it was two travelers named Zola and Jiro. Both Shu and Jiro butt into each other's head, until Zola interrupts. Glamoured by her presence, Shu believes her to the Knight Master only to deny in response and asks Shu back, "What will you do when you gain power?"

The travelers investigate the nearby ruins in the village outskirts until the village gets attacked by Gran Kingdom soldiers and starts abducting children. Zola quickly refuses Shu's request for help, leaving for Shu to fend the soldiers off with no avail. But Zola returns to help and the battle escalates when the commander summons a Shadow. Zola summons her own shadow, a winged, purple-furred monster called Killer Bat. When one of the attacks was about to harm the nearby villagers. Shu rushes towards while remembering Zola's words, and inadvertently summons his own Shadow.


Young, impulsive, and adventurous Shu lives a peaceful life in Talta Village, sharing his love of all things mechanical with his friends. But the peace is about to be shattered as two mysterious warriors, Zola and Jiro, arrive. The village is subsequently attacked by the Grankingdom, a land whose sole desire is to take over the world using both Shadow power and machines. With his village hanging in the balance, Shu awakens the legendary Blue Dragon, a Shadow of incredible power and strength.