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Todd and Bishop are characters from the Blue Dragon anime.


Todd and Bishop are two Gran Kingdom soldiers who are good friends with Gilliam and members of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron. They first appeared in Episode 21, when they learned of a prison break near Castle De La Testa. While Gilliam fought Marumaro, Shu, and Kluke, Todd and Bishop fought Zola and Jiro. After Gilliam was hit by Marumaro's attack, Andropov instructed Gilliam, Todd, and Bishop to retreat. When it came to Zola's plans to infiltrate General Logi's ship to reclaim the Extra Seven, Todd and Bishop were among the Independent Flying Squadron members to receive the Power Boosters. In their battle against Zola and Marumaro in episode 26, Bishop was defeated by Marumaro and Todd sacrificed his life to protect Gilliam. Gilliam took it very hard and tried to get revenge for them, in episode 34, but fell in battle.


Todd and Bishop's shadows are Birdman-like cyborgs that have the same attacks as Euphoria.