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An Ultimate Cookie is the key item to the quest "A Cookie for You" in the game "Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow".

A Cookie for You![]

Note: This quest is optional; it can be completed during Post Game.

After defeating the Egg of Light for the first time, the player returns to Neo Jibral. He/She soon finds Sahlia sitting on the bench near the Jibral lab, looking dejected. It is revealed that Sahlia is upset because she saw her beloved Shu with Kluke. She immediately assumes that the two were on a date, but the player clarrifies by saying (if you're a male) "Well yeah. I mean, if people saw us together, wouldn't they say we were on a date?" or (if you're a female) "I don't think Shu's interested in girls like that. Liking them or not." This gives Sahlia hope and, suddenly pumped with energy, she springs up and the quest starts.

When Sahlia feels upset, she bakes Ultimate Cookies. Not much is known about them, but the ingredients are difficult to find. It is rumored that they can "power-up" the one who eats the cookie, but this is unclear. It was hinted if the player allows Shu to eat the cookie; Shu says something along the lines of: "Sahlia, that really was a great cookie! I feel like I've gotten stronger!" Or this could be false because Shu was merely lying to save Sahlia.


  • Sparkling Sugar - The player will either need a cat costume, or they can just speak to the Cat Lady twice and Sahlia will mention that Marumaro has a cat costume. Go to Marumaro's house after speaking to the Cat Lady a second time. However, if you have Marumaro on your team, he'll escort you to his house. If the player does neither of these, he/she will have to work to get a Cat Hat and Cat Costume.
  • Mega Flour - This is the first ingredient you get for the Ultimate Cookie. The merchant in Neo Jibral has some.
  • Large Egg - The player must speak to a yellow dressed Devee in the New Lago square. He will tell you where to go to get the Large Egg (Desert Cube). He warns of a crow monster, but says, right after Sahlia and the main character leave, that the eggs are not edible.


Apparently, the Ultimate Cookie has a drawback. If Shu eats the cookie, he gets a stomach ache almost immediately, which is probably caused by the Large Egg. According to a Devee on New Lago Cube, he says that the eggs aren't edible. However, Sahlia doesn't listen and rushes off to the Desert Cube, where the crow monster that lays the right eggs resides.


  • It is possible that "Sahlia's Cookies" from the first game and Blue Dragon Plus are really Ultimate Cookies. However, this could be wrong because the Ultimate Cookie is, undoubtfully, harmful.