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The White Guardians (白の旅団 Shiro no Ryodan) is a militant organization created by Dr. Tarkovsky in Blue Dragon: Trial of the Seven Shadows. It was created to protect their oracle, Primella; where her clairvoyance guides their path to extinguish all shadows and shadow users. This has brought them into conflict with Shu's party, Rosekstan and the Investiture Beings.


The capital of White Guardians is Nirvana, where most of their army and personnel operate. Upon Dr. Tartokvsky's reverse engineering on the artificial shadows, they possess Anti-Shadow artillery which can eradicate shadows, proving to be deadly even to Mikhael. Their small fighters and weapons used by their regular troops equipped with the same properties. They have very talented commanders like Vermillion's combat experience and Furioso's coordinated tactics. They believe all shadows and shadow users good or bad like Shu must be eradicated as the ones responsible for the many hardships brought down to the common people like Nene, by unleashed the darkness.


The White Guardians was founded after the fall of the Gran Kingdom by Dr. Tarkovsky who was one of Gran Kingdom's researchers. As they grew more prominent with the development on anti-shadow weapons, their beliefs against all shadows would put them in future conflict against Shu's party, Rosekstan and the Dragons. The war by Rosekstan and the White Guardians eventually came to be, with Shu's party neutralising both sidelines and Mikhael's interference for annihilation. This resulted in Rudolph splitting the world and the Guardians retreated to reinforce their army. After failing to destroy Fagino, Dr. Tarkovsky conceded to Primella who already knew of her fate and convinced the organization to cease fire and cooperate with Shu's party. Together they defended the Mass Driver at Zmey where Furioso and many soldiers sacrificed their lives.


  • It's possible why their troops at first only used traditional knight weapons such as spears, shields, swords was probably to save budget for other projects, mainly anti-shadow weaponry.