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Yasato is a robot who was built by Nene 10000 years before the Blue Dragon videogame.


Yasato is a robot who is able to hover over the floor. He is yellow and grey.


Blue Dragon[]

Yasato is one of the ancient robots who lives in Baroy Town, he saves Shu and friends from the Moon Lasers in the laser field and befriends them. His actual "name" is Number 61, but Shu invents the name "Yasato" for him because he thinks that they deserve to have real names, and that names are easier to remember. Later on in the game when Nene reveals himself to the robots as their new master, Yasato and the other robots are forced to do his bidding. In Nene's Fortress, Yasato and a number of other robots attack Shu and the party. They are able to free him and the rest of the robots from Nene's control by destroying the vacuum-like device which is controlling him. Later on in the game, Yasato and the other robots are encountered on the "Mecha Robo Cube" where they are now living free from servitude. He later attends Kluke's birthday party.

Blue Dragon Plus[]

Yasato reappears in Blue Dragon Plus as a playable character with the Item class and Pegasus shadow. His weapon is a hoover.


Yasato has a Pegasus shadow, thanks to his soul engine, which allows him to use item magic. It allows him to use items more than once, giving them to others, enhancing their effects or preventing them from decreasing in stock.